MBWhatsApp is a free MOD that offers all the features and novelties you need to easily chat with your friends.

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Last updateDecember 6, 2023
Size85.27 MB
Compatibility Android 4.4+

What is MBWhatsApp and what is it for?

MBWhatsApp is an add-on for Fouad WhatsApp, which acts as a base application. This addition allows users of that MOD the possibility to enjoy the visual section of WhatsApp designed for iOS, but on their Android devices.

In addition to modifying the appearance of Fouad WhatsApp, this add-on also offers some improvements in terms of the app's operation. If you want to give a radical change to your MOD, download MBWhatsApp and enjoy the services it has to offer.

MBWhatsApp features and functions

In addition to the change in the visual section, MBWhatsApp has some additional features, such as:

  • Send messages and make calls to numbers not registered in the phone book.
  • Tool to create stickers.
  • Freeze the last connection time.
  • Use two accounts on the same mobile device.
  • Hide connection statuses.
  • Anti-deletion of messages option.
  • Different emoji packs.
  • Block calls to specific contacts.
  • Several privacy options are available to hide the "Typing", "Online", "Recording audio" statuses and freeze the last connection time.
  • Make calls or send messages to numbers that are not registered in the phonebook.
  • Hide received multimedia content from the cell phone gallery.
  • More than 3000 themes to customize the interface.
  • Send videos up to 700 MB and multi-format files up to 50 MB.
  • Share more than 10 images at the same time.
  • Customize font size, font type and font color.
  • It has a greater number of filters to apply on the photos before sending them.
  • Does not alter the quality of videos or photos when sending them.
  • Lock individual chats with password, fingerprint, pattern or PIN.
  • It has 250 characters for statuses.

Note: Android 4.0.3 or later versions are required to install the app.

How to install MBWhastApp?

To install MBWhatsApp you need to download the corresponding APK file, which you can download from our website using the download button above. After that you will be able to perform the procedure explained below:

  1. Create a backup of your WhatsApp conversations by logging into the app and pressing the three dots icon. Then click on "Settings > Chats > Backup" and then on "Save".
  2. Now delete the official app from your cell phone.
  3. Go to Google Play and click on the profile icon, then select "Play Protect > Settings > Scan apps with Play Protect" and deactivate this option.
  4. Enter the device settings and then follow the path "Apps and notifications > View all apps > Unknown apps" and enable this feature.Note: the name of some sections, as well as the path to activate the unknown sources option, may vary depending on the model and version of the Operating System that the device has.
  5. Now go to your mobile's file manager and then to the downloads folder, there you will have to open the MBWhatsApp APK file to start the installation.
  6. When finished, enter the app and with the help of the configuration wizard enter your phone number, and then verify it with the code received by SMS.
  7. Finally, finish configuring the app.

It is necessary to delete the official WhatsApp app to install the MOD, otherwise the system will assume that both apps are the same and therefore will not be able to work at the same time.

How to update MBWhatsApp?

In case you want to update MBWhatsApp to the latest version, just click on the download button above to download the corresponding APK file.

After that, you will have to delete the app from your device and install it again by following the above procedure, using the new file.

Note: Before updating the app, it is recommended to create a backup copy of the conversations.

Aspects to consider

As MBWhatsApp is a modified application, it violates WhatsApp's intellectual property and therefore cannot access Google's services. This means that it will not be possible to make backups on Google Play, although it will be possible to create backups of chats on the device's local memory.

Therefore, when downloading MBWhatsApp it is recommended to have enough space in the internal memory to be able to make backup copies. Otherwise, you will have to delete some items or the application will not be able to create the backups properly.

Differences with other MODs

MBWhatsApp is an add-on that has a visual section different from other MODs, since it is designed to resemble the style used by WhatsApp for iOS mobiles. Beyond that, this add-on has the same functions and improvements as the rest of the apps of its kind.

MBWhatsApp Risks

Although the MBWhatsApp APK file that we offer on our platform is free of viruses and malwares, there are some risks that you may be exposed to by using this type of application. The main dangers faced by users of this, and any other MOD, are as follows:

  • Although the app has an anti-banking system, there is a possibility that Meta may penalize your account.
  • As an illegal application, it is not protected by Google, so there is a risk that the information exchanged through chats is being spied on.

Advantages of MBWhatsApp

Among the pros that can be mentioned about MBWhatsApp are the following:

  • It offers a wide variety of enhancements for configuring account privacy and modifying the look and feel of the application.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You have more control over various elements of the app.

Disadvantages of MBWhatsApp

As for the cons of this MOD it can be pointed out that:

  • Updates must be performed manually.
  • It is necessary to have enough space in the device's memory to install the app and create backups without problems.
  • There are many risks of using the app, such as your chats being spied on or your account being banned.
  • There is also the possibility that the app may present small failures after installing an update.

Thus, you will be able to download and install MBWhatsApp on your Android device and enjoy all the improvements that this add-on has to offer.

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