Download the OGWhatsApp APK for Android for free and get to know all the features offered by this application.

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Last updateJanuary 5, 2024
Size74.64 MB
Compatibility Android 4.4+

What is OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp is a free MOD for Android, which being a modification of WhatsApp offers some features that are not available in the original app. Despite this, it is not possible to get it in the official stores, so you must resort to other means to download it, such as our website.

As mentioned above, this modification of WhatsApp imitates the basic functions of the application, such as making calls, sending messages, among others. But it also implements some improvements that allow its users more control over the security and appearance of the app.

OGWhatsApp Features and Functions

Some of the main features of OGWhatsApp include the following:

  • Anti-banking system.
  • It offers more than 4000 different themes to customize the look and feel of the interface.
  • Increased number of characters to publish statuses.
  • Hide notifications.
  • Block conversations.
  • New emojis.
  • Send multimedia files up to 50 MB.
  • Hide the last connection time.
  • Change text fonts.
  • Supports multiple file formats for sharing with other contacts.
  • React to messages with any emoji.
  • Save the statuses of other contacts.
  • It does not diminish the quality of the images when sending them to other people.
  • Disable read confirmations and "Writing", "Recording audio", "Online" statuses.
  • Hide received multimedia files from the gallery.
  • Do not disturb" function to disable messages and calls.
  • Dark mode.
  • Send messages to numbers not registered in the phonebook.
  • Allows copying photo and video captions.
  • Program messages.

Note: to install this application it is necessary to have Android OS 4.0.3 or later versions.

How to install OGWhatsApp?

To do this you must first download the corresponding APK file, which you can obtain by clicking on the download button above. Once you get it, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to WhatsApp, click on the three dots on the side and click on "Settings > Chats > Backup > SAVE" to create a backup of the conversations. When finished, delete the app from the computer.
  2. Go to the device settings and click on "Security > Device management > Unknown sources" to activate the installation permissions. Note: the name of some sections and the access path may vary depending on the version of the Operating System that the cell phone has.
  3. Enter the Play Store, press the profile icon and click on "Play Protect > Settings > Scan apps with Play Protect" to disable Google Play protection.
  4. Go to the download section and open the OGWhatsApp APK file to start the installation.
  5. When finished, log in to the app and enter your phone number to verify it using the code you will receive via SMS.
  6. Finally, set up your account and enjoy all the features OGWhatsApp has to offer.

How to update OGWhatsApp?

If you already have the OGWhatsApp app and want to update it to the latest version available, click on the download button above to download the corresponding APK file. Once you get it, delete the application from your device and install it again using the new file.

Note: It is advisable to create a backup copy of the messages before updating the application.

Aspects to consider

Since OGWhatsApp is a MOD, this app cannot store backups in Google Drive. However, you can save backups of conversations to the device's internal memory. Therefore, it is recommended to have enough space, otherwise it will be necessary to eliminate some elements.

In addition to this, the WhatsApp app must be deleted before installing this MOD. This is because both applications cannot coexist on the same device, as the system will identify both as the same.

OGWhatsApp Threats

Although the APK file we offer on our website is free of threats, using this type of application brings with it some problems. Among the dangers of using WhatsApp MODs are the following:

  • Chats can be spied on by third parties
  • The account may be banned and all data stored in the account will be lost.

Differences between OGWhatsApp and other MODs

The applications created from WhatsApp share the same enhanced features. The main difference between these types of apps is in the visual aspect of the interface, since some of them have some quite characteristic designs. But beyond that, they are all similar.

Advantages of OGWhatsApp

Among the positive points of OGWhatsApp, the following can be noted:

  • It has an interface similar to the one used by the official WhatsApp app, so it is easier to get familiar with.
  • It offers a wide variety of features to facilitate communication between users, supporting more file formats and expanding the ability to share multimedia items.

Disadvantages of OGWhatsApp

As for the app's negative features, among them the most outstanding ones are:

  • It does not have end-to-end encryption, so conversations can be eavesdropped on by third parties.
  • Device integrity is exposed by disabling Google protection and enabling permissions to install unknown apps.

Download the free OGWhatsApp app for Android and get to know all the new features it has to offer.

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