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Download the WhatsApp Blue APK for Android for free and enjoy all the features offered by this MOD.

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Last updateDecember 6, 2023
Size78.99 MB
Compatibility Android 4.4+

What is WhatsApp Blue and what is it for?

This is one of the most popular WhatsApp MODs, which was developed by Fouad Mokda. Therefore, as Blue WhatsApp is a modified app, it is not possible to obtain it through official means. It is only available through other platforms, such as our website.

This MOD mimics the basic functions of WhatsApp, such as making calls and sending messages. But in addition to this, Blue WhatsApp allows you to configure various elements of its interface, such as the appearance of this or the privacy of the account. All of this is aimed at improving the experience of its users.

Blue WhatsApp functions and features

Some of the features of Blue WhatsApp include the following:

  • Different text fonts are available.
  • Greater privacy control to disable the "Typing", "Online" or "Recording audio" statuses, among other options.
  • Block messages and calls from unregistered numbers.
  • Supports various file formats, such as PDF, RAR, ZIP, DOCX, among others.
  • Allows you to send multimedia items, such as photos, videos and GIFs.
  • Different locking methods, such as PIN, password, pattern or fingerprint.
  • Make free calls and video calls.
  • Themes to customize the interface.
  • Block calls and video calls from a specific contact.
  • More contact information.
  • Allows you to have two accounts on the same device.
  • Programming of messages and automated responses.
  • Images and photographs do not lose their quality when sent.
  • Hide profile picture.
  • Anti-banking system.
  • Change the typography of the texts.

Note: to install the application it is necessary to have Android OS 4.4 or later versions.

How to download and install Blue WhatsApp?

Download the Blue WhatsApp APK file through our website, to do this click on the download button located above.

Once the download is finished, follow the steps explained below:

  1. Log into WhatsApp, press the three dots on the side and go to "Settings > Chats > Backup > SAVE" to create a backup of the conversations. Once ready, delete the app from the device.
  2. Go to the cell phone settings and access "Applications and notifications > View all applications > Unknown applications" to enable installation permissions.Note: the path and the name of some sections may vary depending on the version of the Operating System that your device has.
  3. Go to the Play Store, press the profile icon and click on "Play Protect > Settings > Scan apps with Play Protect" to disable Google protection.
  4. Access the file manager and open the Blue WhatsApp APK file to start the installation.
  5. Log into the app and enter your phone number for SMS verification.
  6. Once this is done, you will be able to set up your account and enjoy Blue WhatsApp.

How to update Blue WhatsApp?

To do this you need to download the WhatsApp Blue APK file, which you can get by clicking on the download button above.

Then, delete the app from the device and install it again with the new file and following the steps explained above.

Note: It is recommended to create a backup copy of the conversations before updating the application.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Blue?

We can confirm that the APK file we offer on our site is 100% free of threats, although there are a couple of risks of using this app. Among some of these hazards, the main ones are:

  • With no end-to-end encryption, there is a possibility that conversations could be eavesdropped on by the app developer.
  • Even if the application has an anti-banking system, it is possible that your account may be penalized.
  • If the app is not downloaded from a secure website, the mobile is likely to be infected with malicious viruses.


Since WhatsApp Blue is a cloned and modified application, it cannot access Google services, such as Google Drive. Therefore, it is not possible to create backups in the cloud. Although you can store backups of conversations in local memory.

This is why, if you are considering installing WhatsApp Blue, it is recommended to have enough space in the memory. If this is not the case, it is possible that the application may present some problems when creating backup copies and you may have to delete some items.

Differences with other MODs

Most of the applications created from WhatsApp are very similar to each other. In general, most of the differences are in the design of their interfaces. But beyond this, WhatsApp Blue and the rest of the MODs have the same enhanced functions and features.

Advantages of Blue WhatsApp

Some of the positive features of WhatsApp Blue include the following:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives your users more freedom and control over the application.

Disadvantages of Blue WhatsApp

As for the negative features of the application we can mention:

  • There is a risk that chats are being spied on.
  • It is possible that your account will be banned, regardless of the developer's claims to the contrary.
  • Crashes may occur after installing updates.

This way you can get Blue WhatsApp for Android and get to know all the enhanced features offered by this MOD.

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